I’ve been promising my 11 year old a canoe trip for a couple years now but it kept getting put off and postponed for various reasons. In 2016 I decided that it was going to happen no matter what, and we invited along a friend of mine and his 15 year old daughter to help share in the fun.

Our plan – to paddle part of the Voyageur’s Highway from the fur trade era, straddling the US and Canada borders. Along the way we hope to catch some fish, pick wild fruit, and most importantly get a chance to slow down and enjoy what each day has to offer. We have a week to cover what many do in a few days, and some even complete within a hard day’s travel. With some luck we might even catch some early Perseids, however the waxing moon hanging around later each night of the trip could spoil our viewing hopes.

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Saturday, August 6
Sunday, August 7
Monday, August 8
Tuesday, August 9
Wednesday, August 10
Thursday, August 11
Friday, August 12
Saturday, August 13

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