BWCA July 2020

We had no idea if this trip could happen, if we’d be allowed to go, or if the park would even be open when spring of 2020 started. Thankfully, canoeing is a pandemic-friendly activity and so 7 nights in the wilderness was just the medicine needed after a year that started off so scarily.


These are the companies whose gear I use which I feel are worthy of a special shout out:
Wenonah Canoe, Mad River Canoes, Bending Branches Paddles, UGQ Outdoors, ENO Hammocks, Enlightened Equipment, Exped, REI, Big Agnes, MSR, Platypus

Favorite Quotes

Here’s a random assortment of quotes that I’ve come across over the years. Some have stuck out more than others, but all have been meaningful in their own way. The irony of life in the 21st century is that some of our most meaningful socialization happens around the wilderness campfire. – Stuart Osthoff A new …

Sigurd F. Olson

While reading Ted Moores’ excellent book Canoecraft recently, a quote by Sig Olson practically jumped off the page and slapped me in the face. I was struck by it so much that I searched out the surrounding text & posted the whole thing on Facebook that night. It was true in 1956 when he published it …

Good quote

I have this addon for Chrome which changes my new tabs to include a full screen image (randomized every day) as well as you can tell it your locale so it gives weather, it can keep a todo list (I never use, too many other options for that) and down at the bottom it gives …