Everyone has their own favorite things they like to take camping, here’s a sampling of some of the things I like to have along….

  • The fleet, ‘nuf said. =)
  • Hammocks when allowable. Most campsites have a place you can hang from if you’re good at searching around. Right now I am checking out an ENO Technest gathered end hammock. I also use a bridge hammock that I made from a kit I purchased online from Ripstop by the Roll and a bug net I made from my own plans.
  • Clean water for eating, drinking, and sanitation is important – even when in the pristine waters of the Quetico Superior. I have relied upon a Platypus GravityWorks 4L setup for nearly a decade and it still works great!
  • Insulation is so important when out camping. If I am in a hammock, unless its the dead of summer hanging underneath I’m probably rocking a UGQ Zeppelin 20F underquilt. If it’s super hot out then my choice underquilt is a REI Quarter Dome Air UQ which fits my bridge quite well. On top, again for most seasons I have a 20F Revelation from Enlightened Equipment. This top quilt was the first “serious” and definitely first niche piece of camping gear in my arsenal when I got it. It’s so light and awesome for anything except the hottest of nights. It took another 5 years before I would actually use it with a hammock! I also have a collection of DIY quilts and sleeping bags which occasionally get used.
  • If I am in a tent, then I will most definitely be sleeping on my trusty Exped Synmat 9LW. Much like the ‘Rev for a sleeping bag, this pad was a game changer when it came to comfort when camping.  Its so luxe, and compacts down to the size of a family-sized soup can. The best part is it’s insulated and rated down to below 0 degrees! My personal best was -12F on this pad, one cold winter weekend at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation!

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