The Fleet

I have the following watercraft which have gone on adventures that I have planned or were Scout activities.

1998 Wenonah Spirit II, Tuf-Weave layup, Forest Green
Acquired in 2011 in fair condition.
Ash trim replaced in 2016 due to dry rot & deterioration of original gunwales. It’s storage prior to my purchase was outside & occasionally on the ground, the poor thing!. New wood is Cherry except for the Ash yoke, which was retained from the original.

2002 Bell Northstar, Black Gold layup, Carbon Black
Acquired in 2017 in un-paddleable salvage condition, basically a bare hull with some scraps of wood still connected to the gunwales and major hull damage.
Refurbished Fall of 2017 into Spring 2018. All trim including gunwales, decks, thwarts, and seats had to be replaced.

1991 Phoenix Poke Boat Vagabond, fiberglass layup, Red
Acquired in 2014 in fair condition.
Used on several Scout campouts until it sustained severe damage while on theĀ Kickapoo River in 2016.
Currently awaiting repair & repainting as time permits.