Boundary Waters 2022

11 years since our last trip, Joe and I spend 10 days exploring a section of the wilderness off of the Echo Trail. I can't think of a time when I've got together with Joe since before our first trip in 2008 when we didn't talk about past, present, or future canoe trips.... Sometimes in … Continue reading Boundary Waters 2022

Boundary Waters 2018

As a follow up to a successful family canoe camping basecamp experience at the Turtle Flambeau Flowage in 2017, and to have something constructive for Devin & Evie to do before school started back up, I decided to take my two youngest on a proper canoe trip albeit sized appropriately for a 6 and 13 … Continue reading Boundary Waters 2018

Boundary Waters 2016

I've been promising my 11 year old a canoe trip for a couple years now but it kept getting put off and postponed for various reasons. In 2016 I decided that it was going to happen no matter what, and we invited along a friend of mine and his 15 year old daughter to help … Continue reading Boundary Waters 2016

Boundary Waters 2011

Boundary Waters 2011 Summer to Late Fall in 7 Days Our first trip was back in 2008 on the Gunflint side through the Ham and then Cavity Lake fire areas. For our return we wanted to see what the sights around Ely are like. This trip report was originally published on Friday, September 9 … Continue reading Boundary Waters 2011

Boundary Waters 2008

I started planning this trip as a two man journey in August of 2007, with my buddy Joe. Neither of us had been to the Boundary Waters before however we had lots of canoeing and camping experience from back in our Boy Scout days. The trip expanded to three people in November when we started … Continue reading Boundary Waters 2008