TFF 2015 Part 5

June 26

We were up early today, about 5:30. Camp was packed up swiftly and we were on the water as planned around 8AM. It was a quick 45 minute paddle back to Murphy’s Landing where we started on Monday under sunny skies and light winds. Brian gave some suggestions on how to possibly improve the port gunwale using cabinet bolts prior to my planned trip to the Boundary Waters with the troop in August. There’s no way I’ll have the time, ability, or funds to get the re-railing of the boat done before then. The canoe will need to make the trip with the existing gunwales, hopefully it stays together.

Somewhere between camp and the landing my Nalgene falls out of my backpack, which I’m wearing, and falls undetected overboard. I need to remember to use the carabiner to secure bottles when they’re in my pack. Or, maybe I shouldn’t wear my daypack when I’m paddling?

At the landing, we rinse out the dirt and duff that has gathered in the canoe during the week, then get the car loaded up. We stop at the same diner for lunch on our way back to Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan, and make it back to camp not too long before they close the road to East Camp in preparation for the OA fire that evening.

Conditions are perfect for the fire, and the ceremony impresses like it always does. 6 weeks until BWCA!

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