BWCA 2008 Part 2

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Alarm goes off at 4AM so we have time to wake up and pick up Ken before 5. Clocks just turned 5 when we merged onto I-94 in Kenosha to start our long drive to Voyageur Canoe Outfitters. Made good time through Wisconsin, got slowed down some on MN-61 after it goes down to two lanes around Two Harbors (I think). Very beautiful scenery driving up the North shore of Superior. Its been several years since I’ve been ‘up North’ and even longer since I’ve been this far North.
Once we’re on the Gunflint, excitement takes over and it seems to take ages until we finally hit Sag Lake Trail and eventually pull into Voyageur’s parking lot at 5:30PM.

A quick check in and visit with Mike & Sue Prom and minutes later our Seneca is at the end of the dock waiting for us. Before heading across the bunkhouse we head over to Way of the Wilderness for pizza and beer. Back at Voyageur, we grab our stuff from the car, carry it down to the dock, and get the boat loaded up so we can paddle across to the bunkhouse.

After dropping the bags off across the Gull River Ken and I grab our poles and we all paddle down to Gull Lake to try out some fishing. No real action tonight, but we don’t care because we’re finally here…

We head back to the bunkhouse and discuss packing strategies and other things pertinent to the following day’s start to our paddling adventure before sleep.

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