WI River 2018 Part 2

Saturday, June 16

It’s another hot day today. We decide to switch today and tomorrow’s breakfast, so instead of baked peach french toast we’re going to have breakfast burritos.

A few people mention the loud thunder and downpour that happened around 1AM. Gavin chimes in with a ‘Yeah, that was really loud!’ Apparently I slept through it.

After breakfast the kids get down to serious business of play. Nobody goes too far away from camp except to go around the island closer to shore to use the bathroom. The Dents have brought a small kayak and Devin seems to be a natural. As we’re sitting down in the river, looking around we notice that the river seems higher today then last night. Its definitely closer to the fire pit than it was last night. We put a stick at the water line to use as a gauge. After lunch the river is several inches higher up the bank from the stick, and another stick is inserted to mark the new high water line. The fire pit is now on the edge of the river and we have the kids help us relocate the firewood and canoes to higher ground. At some point someone gets a good idea to float our drinking water supply in the river, the thinking that the river is cooler than air temperature and it the river will keep them cooler than if they were just sitting in the sun. I don’t know if it made any difference, but a partially exposed sunken piece of driftwood serves as an anchor for the water. Around late morning I get enough signal for my phone to sync emails & I find out that the Koobs are not joining us. The other pair we were expecting also don’t end up coming and so the group that made the initial journey is the entire party for the weekend.

We see several groups on the water passing us by today. Later in the afternoon a fairly sizable group moves in to the upstream side of the sandbar. By the sounds of it they’re young adults and before it gets completely dark their group has grown to include more than a half dozen tents.

Back on our side of the sandbar, earlier in the day we had used a pop up shelter that Jay brought. Earlier in the day there was a refreshing breeze but as the day goes in the winds pick up and threaten to carry the shelter with it, so it gets taken down. As the afternoon progressed we were watching the clouds form and start to tower high in the sky towards the North of us again. Listening to the weather radio it sounds like the area upstream of us is getting just dumped on again. I’m glad that we are on this side of the sandbar, the river’s rise is becoming more evident in the visibly swifter moving current and lower spots start to fill in with water.

Dinner tonight is walking tacos. Larry had his boys make the taco meat ahead of time & then froze it, so all we have to do is heat up the meat and assemble our tacos. Cleanup is handled swiftly and there are no leftovers despite us having less people than we planned for. Guess that’s what happens when you have several hungry teens along! The mosquitoes come out around nightfall again, and after I put Devin to bed I reemerge from the tent to find out campsite deserted, the mosquitoes chased everyone away again, however the breeze is strong enough by the fire that the bugs don’t bother too much. I sit out by the fire for a while, poking and prodding it to keep burning. I’m aided by the breeze, since the fire is now up on the elevated shelf where the tents are, it’s exposed to the wind and the dry firewood readily holds a flame. We need the fire for tomorrow’s breakfast so what’s left of our wood supply should be conserved. I spread out the coals and satisfied it doesn’t pose a threat, head to the tent to get ready for bed.

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