I stopped by the shop the evening after I laid up the glass and resin to take off the peel ply. Had one spot about the middle of the patch which came off…. Thought the smart thing was to try to chip it off, which only made it get bigger. Sandpaper, dumbass. I came back the next night and sanded off the bad spot. Thankfully it only just barely exposed some glass and I was going to apply a fill coat anyhow. Think I did a better job with it this time around.

Forgot to get a photo of the sanded spot as well as before the peel ply. Ah well. Leaving the ply on until the weekend to allow extra time for curing. There’s still a couple other places on the outside that need attention but they’re all not on the same plane as the current repair, so I wouldn’t be able to epoxy and glass (if needed) without sags. Also, I really need to finish the wales. It’s starting to bother me. Maybe that’ll be the focus next time I’m there.

Anyhow, here’s a couple pictures of the side after putting ply on it.

I also glued the chipped out ends of the inwales that came out of the bow. I’ve been thinking I’ll use epoxy to fill both the bow and stern under the gunwales where the inner and outer pieces meet.

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