BWCA 2008 Part 9

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Alarms are set for 7AM as we want to try to play two rounds today before making the long drive home. Everyone gets up slowly and its 11AM by the time we’re done with breakfast and at the first tee.
Its a hot day with not a whole lot of breeze to keep us cool. We played Blueberry Hills for the first round and I was dismayed not to find a single blueberry on the course. Our first time up here, it was a little difficult to navigate but the course itself was pretty decent. Ken and Joe both lost a disc or two in the rough and in a scummy-looking pond that nobody wanted to wade into.
Finish the round around 1:30 and decide to head back to the campsite and take the tent down and pack up. Maybe Northwoods disc golf is too much after a trip in the BWCAW? Have to reconsider this for next year.

We’re on the road a couple hours later and we’re headed towards 53, then towards the Interstate. Soon we’re passing Madison, then we’re in Milwaukee. Before too long we’re in Kenosha county getting off on our exit. We pull in to Ken’s place at 9:45 and go inside so we can copy the pictures off of his camera. Next stop is Joe’s house so we can tell his girlfriend the story of our adventures and go over the pictures. Joe and I unpack the bags and divide up whats left of the supplies.

I head home around 11, oddly enough this is the first time I’ve felt tired at all through the whole trip… I pull into my driveway a little while later and unpack the car. Tired, happy to be home, yet at the same time already missing canoe country.

1500 miles driven, 45 miles paddled. 13 lakes traveled, 11 portages. Longest portage was 100 rods. Shortest portage was 2 rods.

The journey is complete.

I’m already dreaming about a trip for next year…

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