BWCA 2008 Part 5

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This is our layover day. I had hoped we would have traveled farther than he had at this point but we’re still close enough if we have good weather we can make up for Tuesday’s shortened paddle.

Breakfast today consists of coffee, oatmeal, and toast with peanut butter on it. Once we’re done & the food is hung we head out for our day trip to Thunder Point.

Wind is in our faces again today, so it takes about an hour to make it to Thunder Point. After a nice hike to the top we were greeted by this Inukshuk:

I’ve seen pictures of the view from up here while planning our trip, but I can honestly say no pictures do it justice.

Here’s our crew with the camera facing West:
Joe, Ken, Al

After we get back from the day trip Joe goes searching for firewood while Ken and I take the boat around the island to do some fishing. I luck out and catch a pair of smallies:

Had a Northern on the line and almost had it in the boat when it rolled on the surface and cut the line. That’ll be the only Northern that I see all week.

I’ve officially become the fish filleter of the trip, so with yesterday’s practice under my belt I get to work. A short time later we’re eating our fill of fillets pan fried in parkay, salt, and pepper.

By this point the skies have cleared and whatever threatening weather off to the West has moved on. While Joe and I are hanging around the campfire, Ken is trying various settings on his camera to get a good shot of the moon.
It eventually pays off:

Planning an early for us start tomorrow as we want to try to make up the lost time on Tuesday’s paddle due to the wind. We put out the fire, crawl into our sacks, and I’m instantly asleep.

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