Got over to the shop for a quick couple hours tonight. Took the opportunity to do all the epoxy fill patches on the boat. 6 spots in total where I sanded spider web cracks and filled with neat epoxy and then covered with plastic wrap. We’ll see maybe this weekend how they turned out. Also used the leftover to finish filling the bow and stern stems where the gunwales come together. As I write this I’m waiting for the epoxy to start to gel so I can remove the tape around the bow and stern stems so it doesn’t get embedded in the epoxy. Can’t take any photos at the moment since the phone is playing music.

I still need to fair the exterior patches, sand and smooth the patch on the inside so it doesn’t have ragged little peaks from the plastic, sand the ends of the gunwales, apply more oil everywhere on the gunwales – but especially the stems, and go over the exterior with the random orbital to prep for the clear coats.

I want this boat ready for the marathon in May, I should be able to make that deadline but will need to budget time smartly in order to make it.

Looks like I’m going to the bwca with E and D this August. Need to decide on an EP, although I’m considering the Kawishiwi Triangle. I should research blueberry reports for that area.

Still got a few more minutes before I can pull the tape…..

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