Kickapoo River 2016

In November 2015, our Boy Scout troop selected Wildcat Mountain State Park as our destination for May 2016's monthly campout. Due to it's proximity to the Kickapoo River, we decided a day trip down a section of the river would be fun. We're lucky that our troop has a canoe trailer outfitted with a good … Continue reading Kickapoo River 2016

Sylvania Wilderness 2012

Our trip officially started on the 30th of June, when Gavin and I piled into our loaded & canoe-topped Prius to head up North for Cub Scout resident camp. After camp was done we drive a little further North to explore parts of the Sylvania Wilderness in Watersmeet, MI. In April of 2011 I also … Continue reading Sylvania Wilderness 2012

Boundary Waters 2011

Boundary Waters 2011 Summer to Late Fall in 7 Days Our first trip was back in 2008 on the Gunflint side through the Ham and then Cavity Lake fire areas. For our return we wanted to see what the sights around Ely are like. This trip report was originally published on Friday, September 9 … Continue reading Boundary Waters 2011

Boundary Waters 2008

I started planning this trip as a two man journey in August of 2007, with my buddy Joe. Neither of us had been to the Boundary Waters before however we had lots of canoeing and camping experience from back in our Boy Scout days. The trip expanded to three people in November when we started … Continue reading Boundary Waters 2008